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About the Campaign

The Problem 

Larimer Humane Society has been caring for homeless and abandoned animals for more than 40 years. Since it was built in 1974, our building has aged and deteriorated while Larimer County’s population has grown by more than 330%.  Today, our decades-old ventilation system and construction materials make it nearly impossible for us to adequately control the spread of disease, the building's asbestos and failing foundation make renovation impossible, and we don’t have the veterinary and training space we need to care for animals recovering from injuries and mistreatment.  


Campaign Overview

Larimer Humane Society has launched a campaign to pass a penny-on-$10 sales tax in Larimer County to fund a new animal shelter. We have qualified, through a signature-gathering effort, to be on the November ballot in Larimer County. If passed, the sales tax would go into effect January 2015. The tax, which would sunset in six years or less and cannot be renewed, would fund a new shelter on County Road 30 in Loveland just north of the Fort Collins/Loveland airport. Construction on the new facility would begin immediately and Larimer Humane Society could move within two years.

Larimer Humane Society has entered into a construction and operation agreement with Larimer County which places a deed of trust on the new facility requiring Larimer Humane Society to be available to provide animal control services for the next 30 years. Larimer Humane Society provides animal sheltering and field services in Larimer County including sheltering stray and lost animals; sheltering dangerous and quarantined animals; investigating animal cruelty; enforcing local animal ordinances; licensing owned pets and ensuring compliance with rabies vaccination requirements; and disaster response. 


Community Benefit

In the new Larimer Humane Society animals will enjoy clean, comfortable and roomier kennels.  We will have natural light throughout the building as well as plumbing and ventilation systems that will help us keep everyone healthy. We will have quiet, private space for visitors experiencing the trauma of a lost or dying pet. In the event of natural disasters we will be better equipped to give displaced people and pets the solace they need while our staff in the field work to rescue animals stuck in the fray. Our new building will be efficient, cost-effective, and durable to ensure it lasts for generations to come.